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For New Dancers

Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Belly Dancers” Online Course
New to belly dance? Take Anna’s free online course to help guide you as you start your new adventure 

Belly Dance FAQ
Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by new students

Belly Dance Essentials Practice Sheet (pdf)
Download this must-have little checklist of all out Beginner Level 1 Techniques broken into 4-weeks. You’ll know all our beginner-level movements, steps, and basic finger cymbals in one month.

Foundations of Rhythm Series Checklist (pdf)
Download this handy checklist to help you track your progress through Ahlam Academy’s Belly Dance Student Certification Program requirements. Submit this checklist to receive your first certificate!


General Belly Dance Information

Origins of Belly Dance
Learn a little more about where this belly dance comes from and the important events that have shaped it.

Belly Dancers of Egypt’s Golden Era
A video clip summary of Egypt’s greatest dancers from the most defining period in Oriental dance’s recent history



Products for Class

You can purchase everything you need for Ahlam Academy program classes at Oriental Phoenix Arts or anywhere quality belly dance products are sold.  



Must-Have Oriental Dance History Books
List of some really great books you can buy on Amazon to help you learn more about our dance form and the cultures it came from.


Music & Musicality

Darbuka Rhythms App ( Apple , Android )
Get the app Ahlam Academy uses to teach rhythms in the Foundations class. It allows you to play each rhythm at various tempos, making practicing super easy. Learn How to Add a Rhythm to Darbuka Rhythms App (video tutorial)

Songs Every Belly Dance Should Know
Over 100 songs that dancers across the world use for their belly dance performances and practice. Classic to modern, Egyptian to Turkish, and beyond!

Anna’s Spotify Playlists
Find even more music on Anna’s Spotify profile, where she has monthly, style, and topical playlists to help you enjoy and better appreciate Mid-East music you can use for your belly dance practice and performance. 

Where to Find Belly Dance Music Guide
Want some belly dance music, but don’t know where to look?
This article will help you find it!


Our Online Resources

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