Many different styles of music are available for belly dance performance and practice. Most countries, regions and specific tribes or ethnic groups in the Middle East and North Africa have a particular style of music that is unique to them based on rhythms used, instrumentation, and other factors. The most important thing – is to find music that moves you!

Local retail

Middle Eastern Stores/Shops: If you have a local Middle Eastern food store or gift shop, frequently these places will carry belly dance or middle eastern music. Electronic / Book Stores: Sometimes large stores like Best Buy and Fry’s will have a “world music” section. Though usually not well stocked, you will come across a good find on occasion.

Websites to sample and purchase music

Search terms to help you find music on-line
Type these words/phrases in your favorite web browser or music website to help find music you like: Belly dance, bellydance, middle eastern, Arabic, Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian, Mediterranean, Saidi, Beledi, Baladi, Tribal, Tribal Fusion, Rai, Greek, Siftitelli/Chiftitelli, Armenian, Gypsy, Rom, Romany, Folkloric, Al Jeel, mahraganat, Shaabi, chaabi, Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian, Iraqi, Khaleegy/khaleegi, Persian, Iranian, Drum Solo, Arabic, Percussion, Tabla or Doumbek (Arabic Drum)

Most Important Tip Ever! Listen to your dance music as much and as often as you can to become as familiar as you can with the music you choose. This will expedite your learning process. Once you know some basic dance moves, you will be able to listen to the music and better know what dance moves fit with what is going on in the music. At some point, down the road, you will become skilled at anticipating what comes next musically.