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Tips To Find Exactly What You Are Looking For

Song Title Spellings

Most of these song titles are transliterated from another language like Arabic, Turkish, or Greek. When you are searching for music try spelling it in different ways that sound similar. For instance, the song “Bahlam Beak”, may also be spelled “Balam Beak” or “Bahlaam Beek”

Same Song, Different Title

On occasion, you will come across songs that have the same melody but may or may not have the same lyrics, in the same language or a different language. For example, the original composition was Egyptian Arabic, but Greeks really liked the tune and it then became a traditional Greek song. Warning: You may even come across, song titles that are completely different, making it difficult for newer listeners to know what the real song title is. Keep listening and you will begin to make those connections.

Dealing with Long Songs

It’s not uncommon for classical Oriental compositions to be upwards of an hour in length, like many Uum Kalthoum (a famous Egyptian singer) songs. Because it would be boring and too long to dance to a 45-minute song, many of the songs we use in belly dancing maybe only one movement of a full composition. So, a dancer might select a 3-5 minute section to dance to instead of trying to dance to the whole song. Keep listening to those long songs, you may not like the beginning, but there could be other sections of the same song you will love.

Find a Version You Like

Remember, most of these songs are “classics” that come in many different versions, arrangements, and with varying lengths. So, if you like a song, but it’s too long or with instruments or vocals you don’t prefer, you may find a version you like on YouTube, Itunes, or Amazon, (any music website) for a version to suit your tastes.

Songs That Aren’t On the List (because I couldn’t find them):
Perhaps you could search for these elsewhere:

Layla, Layla

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