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What is AAMED?

AAMED is a Middle Eastern dance certification program designed to provide students with a complete education in Egyptian Oriental dance. We have two different programs available, one for the serious hobbyist and another for aspiring teachers.


Is AAMED the right certification program for you?

Do you love belly dancing and want to learn all that you can about it?

Are you already taking classes, but you feel like you aren’t learning as much as you should be, as quickly as you would like too?

Are you tired of focusing on someone else’s dance creations, and you would like to learn to create your own masterpieces?

Do you frequently watch belly dance videos or performances, and you aren’t sure what they are doing and why, because your current dance instructor either doesn’t know or isn’t sharing the necessary information about the history, culture, styles, music, and all those important details that could put everything into perspective and help you make sense of it all.

Are you worried about navigating a dance form from a different culture and you don’t want to make “beginners” mistakes with your music, costuming, styles, etc?

Wanna learn to improvise and dance with complete freedom?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, AAMED may be the program for you!

Since beginning my dance career, I have spent literally hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars training with top national and international belly dance teachers and entertainers learning everything I could about Middle Eastern dance. I have spent countless hours learning the many facets of Middle Eastern dance, about the technique, music, culture, costuming, choreography, improvisation, performance, and all the aspects of the dance business.

I have taught countless hours to hundreds of students over the years. Now, I’m not saying I’m the end all, be all, but I got a lot of dance knowledge that I want to share with you.

You don’t have to spend as much time and money as I did to acquire all this dance knowledge and experience. I’ve created the most comprehensive Middle Eastern dance education program out there. This program covers everything from foundational movements to becoming a belly dance teacher or professional entertainer, and all the important details and tricks of the trade you need to know to be your best.

AAMED is not for those that…

want a quick program, only wish to dance and not understand the art they are performing on a deep level, or aren’t dedicated to Egyptian dance.

At this time, Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance’s certification classes are ONLY available at Oriental Phoenix Arts. 


Program Overview

Student Program: Levels 1-3
Learn the technique, history, costuming, performance, and improvisation arts of Middle Eastern Dance. This program is designed for those students and hobbyists interested in understanding and exploring the rich traditions of Oriental Dance.

Teacher Program: Levels 1-3
Get all of the benefits of the Student Program and learn to share your passion for Oriental dance on stage and with your own students in this intensive program. With guidance, you will create your own repertoire of exciting classic, modern, folkloric, and specialty choreographies that you can use in your own performance set, and as material for your own classes. Gain a greater understanding of all aspects of performing and teaching, as well as invaluable performance (choreographies & improvisation) and teaching experience for the most serious Oriental dance students.


AAMED Program



Instruction (hours)

Choreography Projects

Performance Projects

Additional Performance Requirements

Free One-on-One Mentorship

Time Limit







2 Years / Each Level







2 Years / Each Level

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What you are going to learn

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  • Beginner-Advanced Level Technique
  • Music Appreciation including Rhythms, Instruments, and Maqam
  • Finger Cymbals (zills, sagat)
  • History of Egyptian Dance
  • Belly Dance & Folkloric Costuming
  • Classical & Modern Egyptian Dance Style
  • Raqs al Assaya (Saidi style Cane Dancing)
  • 3 Yard Silk Veil Technique
  • Drum Solo Technique
  • Choreography Creation
  • Performance Skills
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Taqsim
  • Baladi Progressions
  • Balancing for Belly Dance
  • Floorwork
  • Turkish Oriental & Turkish Romani Movement
  • Regional Circle/Line Dances including Dabke
  • Raqs al Na’ashaat (with/without Thobe) & Khaleegi Movement (Arabian Gulf)
  • North African Movement from Algerian, Tunisian, and Moroccan
  • Egyptian Folkloric: Melaya Leff: Nubian, Shamadan, Hagalla, Bambutaya, Fellahi, Ghawazee

Students in the Teacher Program will also learn…

Teaching Skills
Curriculum Creation
Anatomy/Kinesiology for Belly Dancing
Marketing Basics for Belly Dance Performers and Teachers
How to Run a Successful Teaching Program


Who is eligible to work towards an AAMED certification?
Any Ahlam Academy student may begin working towards their Student certification, all they need to do is fill out and submit an AAMED enrollment form.

Do I need to enroll in and complete the Student Certification Program BEFORE I enroll in the Teacher Certification Program?
Maybe. Effective 8/1/2017, AAMED Teacher Program participants will be selected for Teacher Program candidacy based on their previous experience, goals, leadership abilities, and aptitude. Please enroll in the Student Certification Program first and begin your education, which includes a portion of the Teacher Program requirements anyway (so you aren’t losing anything by starting here), and show us if you have what it takes to be an AAMED teacher!    

I have never studied belly dance before, may I enroll in AAMED?
In short, no. This program is not for someone without previous belly dance experience, nor for someone looking to certify quickly. Both the Student and Teacher programs are intense and require a lot of dedication to this art. PASSION & COMMITMENT ARE REQUIRED before you begin either of these programs. It is strongly recommended that you have at least six full months of training in Egyptian or American Cabaret styles before enrolling in this program. If you want to get started, it is highly suggested that you take beginner belly dance classes with us first, and then you can be one step closer to beginning your AAMED certification.

I have studied other belly dance styles, may I enroll in AAMED?
If you come from a different belly dance tradition, like Turkish, Lebanese, Fusion, Tribal Fusion, ATS, ITS and you wish to move to Egyptian styles, I would strongly suggest that you enroll in Ahlam Academy classes and learn the differences in style and execution within Egyptian Oriental dance movement before you commit to your certification, just to make sure that Egyptian style is what you really wish focus on.

How long does it take to get certified?
It really depends on the dedication level, ability, tenacity of the student. Generally, the Student Program can take 2-4 years for the typical student. The Teacher Program can take 3-5 years. Students MUST complete each level within 2 years.  

How much does it cost?
The classes and workshops you already enjoy are the largest portions of your certification costs. The only extra costs are nominal fees for study guides, manuals, exams, and application fees at each level. You don’t have to worry about dropping a large chunk of money at once, everything is pay-as-you-go. 


Do you want more information or wish to enroll in AAMED?

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