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Work One-on-One with Anna
Private Belly Dance Coaching

Are you ready to level up your belly dancing? 

Anna can help you realize your dance goals, more quickly and with less frustration! 

Check out the exciting ways you can work together below, then contact us to get started on your dance transformation! 

One-on-one coaching with Anna will significantly increase your belly dance skills and knowledge in a shorter amount of time when compared to group training methods.

Private Coaching is right for you, if...

 You want gentle, but honest personalized feedback and guidance to rapidly improve your dance abilities

 You wish to seriously commit to your dance development

 You want technique / performance / business instruction that is specific to your unique needs and goals

You want to work on a special project or study specific dance subjects that interest you

 You want a little extra help with group class content 

What Would You Like to Work on?


Hands/arms, tummy work, upper and lower body technique, traveling steps, layering, shimmies, etc.


Become the music! Build a strong connection with the music by learning how to count, listen, and interpret the music with confidence.  Dance with finger cymbals and know your rhythms too!


Accomplish more of your dance goals by learning simple techniques to cultivate better mental habits for success.


Learn the secrets of entertainers and competitors. Polish your stage skills and develop dazzling performances that truly captivate your audience. 


Learn one of Anna’s many creations. She can co-create a choreography with you or teach you how to create your own exciting masterpiece.  


Free-style beautiful belly dance anytime, anywhere without having to prepare a choreography. 


Draw from Anna’s extensive list of historical, folkloric, classic, and modern styles from the Middle East and around the MENAHT region.


Wishing to start your own belly dance-based business? Learn from Anna’s successes and failures. Her business has supported her family for nearly 10 years, even thru Covid. Gig & student acquisition and management.  


Share your passion by educating others. Guide your students along their sacred dance journey with clear instruction and a progressive curriculum growing them from beginner to advanced levels. 


Improve your posture, strength, flexibility, and physical performance from a former NASM-certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and stretching coach. 


Develop more sensitive, dynamic, and textured artistry by enriching your education thru exploration of the region’s histories, cultures, and musical heritage.

Image Consulting

Get the look! Develop a coherent artistic vision – your belly dance image – through costume, hair, make-up, and more.

Here are Some Lesson Ideas

Anna’s gentle and intuitive teaching style has benefited belly dancers of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced, professionals, as well as teachers. Drawing from her wide mix of real-world knowledge and experiences as a pro belly dancer, instructor, author, studio owner, and personal trainer/fitness professional, every coaching session with Anna is tailored to your unique requirements, interests, and goals. 

Technique Tune-up

Having trouble with a few moves? Let’s take a closer look and see what might be going wrong and finally fix it. Length: 30 minutes – $45-50

Video Feedback

Submit a recently recorded performance and get some honest, yet gentle feedback. Plus, what steps to take next to improve your future performances. – $60

Skills Assessment Exam

Are you working on your AAMED Level 1-3 Certification? Plan your Skills Assessment Exam, where we ensure your technique is on-track at every level of advancement. Length: 90 minutes – $150  

Performance Prep

Got a special performance or competition coming up? Even diamonds need some polishing to help them shine their brightest. 

Choreography Project

Has a song inspired you to bring your own artistic vision to life? I can help with the finishing touches of your own creation or I can guide you from conception to completion.  

Eyes To See What You Cannot

You need a coach with a knack for detail and the know-how to help you fix all the things you can’t see in your own dancing that detract from you being the best it can be. 


Don’t know what to work on? Why flounder and struggle to figure things out on your own, when a compassionate, supportive person, who has already walked the path you are on, is ready to help guide you along your journey.  

A La Cart

Got something specific you would like to work on? Let’s have a chat and see how we might work together to accomplish your next dance goal or project. 

Are You Ready To Level-Up Your Belly Dancing?

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