Are You Ready To Teach Belly Dance?

I will be asking you 10 questions that will help you decide if you are ready to start teaching oriental dance.   It’s important to be able to answer YES to all of these questions, if you answer No on some of them, at least you will know in what areas you may need more education before you are ready to begin creating and teaching your own classes…   1) Have you learned this art from a respected teacher(s) with…

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What is that instrument that I hear? The Mizmar

The Mizmar is a traditional Middle Eastern instrument found in Egypt, the Levant, Turkey and North Africa known for its unique sound. It is also known by a few other names with slight variation in style and materials, the “zurna” in Turkish, the “zamr” in the Levant, and “rhaita” in Morocco.  

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Songs Every Belly Dancer Should Know

  Listen to over 130 samples of essential belly dance music! To enjoy the full song FREE, install the Spotify app on your device or computer. Click here to go directly to the playlist in Spotify Tips To Find Exactly What You Are Looking For Song Title Spellings Most of these song titles are transliterated from another language like Arabic, Turkish, or Greek. When you are searching for music try spelling it in different ways that sound similar. For instance,…

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