I will be asking you 10 questions that will help you decide if you are ready to start teaching oriental dance.

It’s important to be able to answer YES to all of these questions, if you answer No on some of them, at least you will know in what areas you may need more education before you are ready to begin creating and teaching your own classes…
1) Have you learned this art from a respected teacher(s) with a dance lineage who has taught you well?
2) Am I able to demonstrate belly dance movements w/good technique?
3) Am I able to clearly describe the movements and how to do them?
4) Can I explain, succinctly, what belly dance is, to someone that knows nothing about it?
5) Do I know what types of costumes are appropriate for different levels of dancers: students, advanced students, and professional belly dancers?>
6) Am I friendly, punctual and hardworking?
7) Do I have some experience performing belly dance in different types of different types of audiences?
8) Do I have a basic knowledge of appropriate belly dance music, know popular/traditional songs and can I accurately identify the most common rhythms heard in belly dance music?
9) Do I know enough about the history of belly dancing to give a brief synopsis to someone who knows nothing about it?
10) Am I always learning and growing my knowledge, dance and business skills?
I hope this has helped you determine if you are ready to start creating your own curriculum and teaching oriental dance.
Answering “yes” to these questions is only the beginning. In addition to knowing if you are personally ready to start teaching, there is much to do to prepare you for the business of teaching belly dance.
Perhaps in a future video, I will discuss important business concerns for those beginning their teaching journey. 

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