People that find themselves interested in belly dancing are usually a unique sort. They are often drawn to the art form because it satisfies their desire for the different and exotic. Belly dancers love to create, explore various cultures through movement and music, as well as try new foods and experiences. These characteristics are most apparent in the places we like to go to. Here are the top places in Houston we like to visit!

Special thanks to the Houston dance community for offering their favorite places to visit in Houston.

1) High Fashion Fabrics

Do you NEED fabric for that next costume? Satisfy that fetish with an amazing selection of top-quality material in a large array of colors, textures, and styles. They have everything from lycra, silk, specialty appliques, fringe, stretch velvet, power mesh, everything you need to make that costume. HFF has more selection and high quality than Joann’s or Hancock’s. Check out the clearance tables, they often have lycra remnants large enough for a bra/belt costume at a discount.

2) Phoenicia

Dancers like to eat, as much as they like to shimmy. We often have cravings for the flavors of the foreign lands we study along with our dance journey. Phoenicia is the place to get everything you need to create exotic meals, some items are even prepared and ready to cook. Whether you want Halal meats, fresh produce, well-priced bulk dried fruits/nuts, or a truly great cheese, wine, and chocolate selection, this is THE one-stop shop for Arabian culinary delights. They have aisles and aisles of items you won’t find anywhere else and the staff is very friendly. Some Middle Eastern grocery stores in Houston have some of the items at Phoenicia, but not nearly the selection and honestly, some are kinda scary and they don’t feel very welcoming. Phoenicia is very comfortable, you won’t feel like a stranger in a strange land. Check out their sweets counter too – YUMMO!

3) The Blue Hand

For those dancers that like to express themselves by decorating their homes or themselves in everything exotic, look no further than the Blue Hand in Rice Village. Great selection of tribal-inspired jewelry, clothing, and home decor. They even have Alexandria brand Egyptian tablas (aka doumbek). Though the last time I visited, their drum choices were limited but worth a peek if you are searching locally for drums and need one in a pinch.

4) Harwin Central Mart

Dancers and birds have something in common, we are drawn to anything that shines and sparkles. HCM is the place to go to find great accessories for your costumes. While Sam Moon is good, HCM has a collection of shops that have a lot more. So cheap, that you won’t think twice about buying a few jewelry sets to break apart and sew onto a custom costume.

5) Fabrictopia

Harwin Central Mart Belly Dance Costumes Hip Scarves Jewelry

Lots of quality fabric and appliques. 

6) Ulta

Make-up can do wonders! Dancers want to look their best off and on stage. Ulta has got to be the best selection of drug store and department store quality getting-gorgeous-goodies under one roof. These stores are often well-stocked, so you don’t have to worry that much about finding your favorite products when you go in. Be sure to sign-up for their app to get some serious savings.

7) Houston Shining Baby

The Houston area’s newest shop has belly dance practice outfits, beautiful accessories, and high-end costumes off the rack and for special orders. 

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