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Anna at Ahlam Academy Teaches Belly Dance Classes Houston Cypress Katy Texas. Learn how to Belly Dance with Anna

Want to get fit and stay active, but you’re tired of boring workouts?

Looking for a new and “different” hobby to add some spice to your life?

Want a fun way to de-stress and “shake off” a busy day?

Try Belly Dancing at Ahlam Academy 

We have a complete step-by-step program from absolute beginner to advanced.

Optional certification program available for students & aspiring teachers

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Ahlam Academy is more than just classes
We are a complete belly dance program

Anna at Ahlam Academy Teaches Belly Dancing Classes Houston Cypress Katy Texas. Learn how to Belly Dance with Anna

Welcome, My name is Anna
Professional Belly Dancer, Teacher,
Author, and Studio Owner. 

I am the creator and lead instructor of the Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance program at Oriental Phoenix Arts in the Cypress/Katy area of Houston, Texas.
Let me tell you a little about my dance journey…
Before I discovered belly dance, I lived with chronic depression and anxiety, which left me struggling to feel joy and live my life to its fullest.
Belly dancing, worked its magic, helping me find my own strength and giving me the push I needed to overcome my obstacles.
Since beginning my journey over 20 yrs ago, I have honed my craft with many master teachers and performers, danced professionally, taught countless classes, authored numerous educational resources, and own a thriving wellness studio. I am passionate (obsessed, really) about offering great belly dance classes, courses, books, and resources to my students.
Are you ready to discover this amazing dance for yourself? 
Join us for live belly dance classes in far west Houstonread a book, take a course, or enjoy my plentiful free resources.

I'm revealing all my professional dancer secrets right here

In my latest book, “The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment,” I dish on everything an aspiring belly dance performer and professional belly dancer needs to know to enchant, entertain, and earn money like a pro!