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Discover the Goddess Within with Belly Dance

Whether you are dancing for fun, fitness, or wish to become a belly dance teacher or professional dancer, we have programs to fit your schedule and your aspirations.

You will be belly dancing more quickly and confidently than you ever thought possible, with our comprehensive, step-by-step program in authentic, culturally-sourced dances of the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.

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What We Offer

Get a workout, learn cool new dance moves, and enjoy an awesome tribe of supportive dance friends.

Need a little help along your journey! Attain your dance goals faster with customized one-on-one belly dance coaching and belly-business guidance.

Let us guide your dance journey with easy-to-follow programs for serious students and teachers-in-training.

Learn conveniently online with educational courses and free resources to nurture your growth technically, professionally, and artistically.

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Group Classes

Dancing is More Fun with Friends 
Group Belly Dancing Classes for All Levels


No experience? No problem!  We’ll take you step-by-step through all the essentials of belly dance. You’ll be dancing, fast!


Got some experience already? Great! We have courses to help you increase your movement and performance skills. 


Grow your dance passion with workshop-style classes that dig deep into Mid-East, North African, and Turkish styles. 


Learn and practice dance choreographies for personal enrichment or perform at Ahlam Academy recitals and events,     

Discover the Transformative Power of Dance

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Our Why... is You

We believe that learning to belly dance can be a powerful catalyst for personal transformation.  

What Our Students Say...

Carly “Flo” – Houston, TX

“I came here using one of the beginner specials and I am constantly glad I gave it a try. I never thought I could be a dancer and I never thought I had the right body for it. The first class alone taught me I was wrong about both….”

Corinna – Houston, TX

“A place to learn how to dance from the wonderful Anna! I get to make new friends and escape the dullness of the daily grind and do something fun for me. With Anna, you get an education in a beautiful art form and get in shape at the same time!”

Valeri – Houston, TX

“Anna is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I’ve known. She is kind and professional and will give you wonderful advice! Please look no further if you plan on taking a dance class, you won’t be disappointed!”

Christy – Cypress, TX

“Anna is incredibly thorough in her training. She does not just teach the moves, but every aspect of Middle Eastern Dance. From history, choreography, costuming. props, performing etc. The teachers are excellent and they share their passion with each student they teach.”

Brittany – Spring, TX

“Ahlam Academy is an absolutely fantastic place to learn Bellydance! Anna is a wonderful instructor, always willing to help students to be their absolute best! The classes are incredibly welcoming, you’ll feel right at home!”

Monali – Sugar Land, TX

Anna is one of the best dance instructors I have ever had and her classes are catered to all level of dancers, from beginners to advance. Her classes are organized and fun, with a focus on technique. She ensures that you get the background for what you’re dancing to and her knowledge in belly dancing styles is extensive from Egyptian to Turkish to Romani.

Rosana – Houston, TX

If you haven’t tried Belly dancing you must! It is fun, different and works every part of your body. Anna is an excellent teacher, she is passionate about this ancient art, and if you are a beginner she makes you feel right at home.

Kelli – Spring, TX

Belly dance at Ahlam Academy is addictive! Anna is a fantastic instructor – she explains the moves clearly, and peppers classes with cultural and historical facts about the dance. Her classes aren’t just exercise, although you will get a good workout! You’ll learn dance routines, work with props such as veils and zills, and won’t even realize you’re also getting in shape. She’s supportive, high energy, and so much fun. You’ll learn to move in new ways, love your body, and meet fun new friends!

Jennifer – Cypress, TX

If anyone has the least curiosity about this art form, here is a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand your horizons. Anna’s dedication, patience, and deep knowledge make it easy to step out of your shell. There is no judgment or pressure to look a certain way or achieve at a certain pace. There are women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities in their classes. What do they have in common? A desire to empower and express themselves. Step out of the box and retrain your body with small, isolated movements that you will learn to integrate and control. A totally different workout than you have ever done. Try it!

Nilda – Houston, TX

Anna, you’re an awesome teacher, instructor, professional. Your love and passion for what you do more than overflow to your teachings. You are very articulate, patient, and definitely know how to teach with versatility in every class. You are fluid and very artistically inclined in every class. Thank you for being you.

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