Enjoy great music from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and beyond, curated music just for belly dancers!

On the Spotify playlists below, you’ll find music from Egypt (Egyptian), Morocco (Moroccan), Algeria (Algerian), Tunisia (Tunisian), Syria (Syrian), Jordan (Jordanian), Iraq (Iraqi), Lebanon (Lebanese), Greece (Greek), Turkey (Turkish).

In other words, tons of Arabic and Arabian music ranging from folkloric to classic to modern pop.

This music is great for belly dancing practice. Some songs (but not all) can be used for your belly dance performances or choreography, if appropriate.

Just sit back, listen, enjoy, and learn about the music’s regional and stylistic differences.

Perfect for your belly dance party or hafla,

Songs Every Belly Dancer Should Know Playlist

A must-have for ALL belly dancers! Over 130 songs belly dancers love. 
Songs Every Belly Dancer Should Know 

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