Performer & Troupe Information

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! Again, here are the deadlines to keep in mind:

Performer Info (submit form below) & your Music (send to are due by Monday November 28th, 2022

TROUPES: Troupe Director please submit the Performer/Troupe Info form for your troupe. Each individual troupe member will need to submit one of these waiver forms.

Below are some IMPORTANT details about our show:

Dancer Check-in
Check in at the front desk at 5:30pm. Show starts promptly at 6pm. If you plan to arrive after 5:30pm, please let Anna know one week before the show, so she can make necessary line-up arrangements. If an emergency arises, please text Anna at 281-394-0476.

I highly suggest new students keep their performance short and sweet about 3-5min total. More advanced students can work on building stamina and versatility, so a set with multiple songs/sections is encouraged.  Your music will need to be emailed in MP3 format to Anna at

Dressing Room:
I would suggest coming as dressed as possible. However, a private office, changing room, and restroom are available, as well.

– Please wear a cover-up while you are not performing

– Performance content, including music, must be family-friendly

Now, I need some information from you. Please submit the following details about yourself and your performance. It will help me design the best show possible. Again, thank you for participating in Anna’s Jewels of Arabia show!

TROUPE DIRECTORS: Please submit the form below for your troupe’s general information. But please have each of your troupe members listed below fill out this online Individual Troupe Member form.