Are you looking for a new oriental dance costume? Look no further! I have compiled a list of the best belly dance costume vendors from around the world. No “Turkish airport specials” here! Actually, we do have Turkish airport specials, but they are at the bottom of this list.

Are you new to belly dance costuming and you are not sure where to start or what to get? Check out these resources too!

North America

Aida (USA from Russia) (in stock, custom order)

Bellydance Store (in stock)

Dahlal (USA) (in stock, custom order)
Eshta Amar
 (USA) (in stock, custom order)

Fearless Glamour (USA) (custom order)
Joharah (USA) (in stock)
Lava Belly Dance Boutique (USA) (in stock)
Melody Movement Boutique (USA) (in stock)


Bella of Istanbul (Belgium) (in stock, custom order)
Bellydance Boutique (UK) (in stock)
Katalin Schafer (Hungary) (custom order)
Madela Dance Design (Poland) (custom order)
Ropa Danza di Vientre (UK) (in stock, custom order)
Zara’s Zouk (UK) (in stock)

Middle East (Near East)

Some of these vendors don’t have websites, but they do exist! Some of them you can physically visit while in Egypt/Turkey, and some sell their costumes through other vendors around the world.

Dogan Gok (Turkey) (in stock, custom order)
Eman Ibrahim Ahmed (Egypt)*

Eman Zaki (Egypt)*
Hoda Zaki*
Madam Abla*
Madame Nusa/Noussa*
Pharaonix of Egypt (Egypt) (in stock, custom order)
Raqia Hassan (Egypt) (custom order)
Sahar Okasha (Egypt) (in stock, custom order)
Yasso (Egypt) (in stock, custom order)


Natalia Kalinina (custom order)
Natalie Becker
Sufel Boutique (in stock, custom order)


Bellygoddess Costumes (custom order)
Christiano Ferreira (custom order)

Classwear / Other / Misc

The vendors below are a mixed bag.  Some of these belly dance vendors sell good quality stageworthy Raqs Sharki / Cabaret / folkloric costuming. Use caution when selecting an appropriate costume for your belly dance performances. Seek advice from a reputable teacher to help you select an appropriate costume! A few of these vendors are more geared to fusion belly dance items, but they have belly dance class wear, props, hip scarves, or other specialty items worth buying, so that is why they are included! (USA)
Belly Dance Digs (USA)

Dancing Rahana (USA)
Ebay Search “professional belly dance costume”
Miss Belly Dance (USA)
Turquoise Intl (USA)

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