Certified Alumni

The official list of participants that have completed all of the requirements to attain each level in AAMED’s Student and Teacher certification programs.

Student Program

Level 1:

Sivoney Salgado April 2019

Alissa Dingler Oct 2017

Carly Florine Thompson-Peters July 2017

Corinna Sadler June 2017

Jennifer Petroski August 2016

Angela Keller August 2016

Monali Das Biswas May 2016

Level 2:

Monali Das Biswas August 2017
Carly Florine Thompson-Peters July 2019


Teacher Program

Level 1:

Caspia Jade May 2019

Monali Das Biswas Sept 2018

Leigh French Oct 2017


Level 2:

Kelli Nottingham  April 2018