Some of the toughest seasons of our dance journey happen when we have become bored or feel uninspired with our own dancing and lose passion for the art.

For some, this is a “sign” that dance may not be for them. They lose hope too easily and sometimes even quit dance altogether.

More tenacious dancers understand the natural process of waxing and waning within life and art and may step back for a while, but eagerly await their passion’s return.

There are many reasons why we find ourselves in this situation. The most common is CHANGE. Humans need variety and if we aren’t doing anything or doing the same things over and over, getting ourselves into a rut, we will get bored and long for change. That doesn’t mean we have to do something else entirely and stop dancing. It just means, we need to find a little inspiration to re-ignite our pilot light – so to speak.

Luckily for us, Middle Eastern dance has NO SHORTAGE of fun and interesting subjects to explore. There is always something to work on. Sometimes we forget what our options are.

Below is a list of 101 different ideas to help you enrich your dance education and experience.

Are you ready to rediscover your dance passion and purpose?

Here’s the list!

1. Sha’abi
2. Ouled Nail (Algerian)
3. Buy or make some new costume accessories
4. Moroccan Chaabi or Sheikat (with or w/o Tea Tray)
5. Ghawazee
6. Bandari (Persian/Iranian)
7. Debke
8. Kawleeya (Iraqi “Domari” style)
9. Saidi
10. Nubian
11. Orientalism
12. Baladi style
13. Fellahin
14. Turkish Oriental
15. Floorwork
16. Modern Egyptian
17. Classical Egyptian
18. Advanced tummy rolls/tricks
19. Turkish Romani
20. Raqs al Na’shaat (traditional Saudi thobe dance)
21. Veils (single or double)
22. Fan Veil
23. Raqs al Assaya (Saidi-style Cane)
24. Zills /sagat / finger cymbals
25. Host a souk (market) of new and used dance costumes/items
26. Sword balancing
27. Candle tray balancing
28. Isis wings
29. Meleya Leff (Alexandrian/Old Cairo)
30. Mahmoud Reda folkloric style
31. Lebanese style
32. Research the journey and experiences of dancers past and present
33. Drum Solo
34. Chiftitelli (Slow or fast)
35. Design/make a new costume, or learn how to
36. Go online and find dancers you haven’t seen before, and watch their videos
37. Technique (refine or learn new stuff)
38. Improve your makeup application
39. Try a new dance hairstyle
40. Audience Interaction
41. Tanoura
42. Shamadan
43. Tahthib
44. Character creation/persona
45. Chobi (Iraqi circle dance)
46. Tunisian style
47. Learn to play the doumbek/tabla
48. Turkish 9/8 Rhythm
49. Do you know what each Egyptian instrument sounds like?
50. Tambourine (prop)
51. Taqsim
52. Om Kalthoum (She’s an important singer to know)
53. Learn some Arabic
54. Host a hafla
55. Masmoudi Kabir Rhythm
56. Beledi Progression
57. Explore the cuisine of your favorite middle eastern dance style
58. Belly dance history
59. Find some new dance music
60. Go watch other dancers at LIVE shows
61. Arabic Maqam (musical modes)
62. Samii 10/8 Rhythms
63. Zhagareet
64. Write and publish an article
65. Pots or Jars (prop) (There are several folk styles that use them)
66. Zeffa (Egyptian wedding procession)
67. Al Jeel (popular Arabic music)
68. Create a combo or choreography
69. Ayoub Rhythm
70. Middle East / Near East / North African geography
71. Produce a dance event
72. Mahraganat (sub genre of sha’abi)
73. Western Desert Bedouin style inc. Hagallah
74. Malfuf Rhythm
75. Take a class from another teacher
76. Research Different Folkloric Costuming
77. Arabic music theory
78. Get translations of songs you like to dance to or want to dance to
79. Maqsum Rhythm
80. Read about the diverse philosophical or religious beliefs of a region of interest
81. Visit a dance-related country to study a particular style
82. Improvise (or learn how to)
83. Start performing (if you haven’t already)
84. Masmoudi Saghir Rhythm
85. Cross-train with an effective mind-body, strength, or flexibility program
86. Study World History focusing on the Middle East
87. Go on a dance retreat
88. Join or start a dance troupe
89. Fellahi Rhythm
90. Vend/Create Belly Dance Supplies
91. Start teaching
92. Learn to differentiate among musical styles
93. Domari / Romani History
94. Refresh your dance or practice wardrobe
95. Saidi Rhythm
96. Make a dance video and share it online
97. Take a workshop
98. Get a restaurant gig
99. Record yourself dancing and critique it yourself or have a teacher review it.
100. Work of your presentation, expression / Acting for Dancers
101. Take a private lesson

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