What Students are Saying…

“You inspire confidence to try new things and to unleash creativity through dance.”
Kirsten U
“You have a way of generating confidence as you teach which is oh so helpful as a beginner.”
 Jacquie S.
” I was very shy at first, but the dance helped me with shyness and feeling good about showing my body”
Marite S
“Never in a million years would I have thought that I would ever perform and I’ve actually done 5 performances already. Just the thought of that, I never thought I would ever get to that point of having that confidence to be in front of people. “
Priscilla C
“I was looking for some new kind of activity to get myself moving and I had never previously considered belly dancing. To be frank, I thought I wasn’t skinny enough and that it would make me, even more, self-conscious of my body.  However, I could not have been more wrong. I’ve left each of these classes feeling better about my body than when I went in.”
Flo T.P

“The classes aren’t just exercise, although you will get a good workout! You’ll learn dance routines, work with props such as veils and zills, and won’t even realize you’re also getting in shape.” 
Kelli N.

“I like the workout while having fun & looking beautiful. So much fun.”
Kate M

“It is fun, different, and works every part of your body.”
Rosana S.

“Anna is an amazing teacher and beautiful dancer. She is patient and encouraging. Not only that, we have a lot of fun in class. 
Trina P.

“I leave your class both relaxed and refreshed!”
Cindy M.

“The very first time [Anna] took me through this routine I felt my body relax and my muscles release the tension, which I was unaware of them holding. The exercises are designed to be completed as a routine or done separately, depending on how much time I have, where I am and how much pain I’m in. I find them easy to do yet the results are, for me, impressive.” 
Anne M.

“The number one thing about belly dance that I appreciate is the group, the community of people. This is the most accepting and supportive group of people I have ever known. It’s a true community of support and that’s something that we don’t have very often anymore, that true friendship.” 
Kelli N

“The amount of knowledge I get from the instructors and the amount of support from the other students have surpassed all my expectations.” 
Asha S. / Sunshyne

“Ahlam Academy is an absolutely fantastic place to learn Bellydance! Anna is a wonderful instructor, always willing to help students to be their absolute best! The classes are incredibly welcoming, you’ll feel right at home!”
Brittany K.

“Anna’s dedication, patience, and deep knowledge make it easy to step out of your shell. There is no judgment or pressure to look a certain way or achieve at a certain pace. There are women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities in her classes. What do they have in common? A desire to empower and express themselves. Step out of the box and retrain your body with small, isolated movements that you will learn to integrate and control. A totally different workout than you have ever done. Try it!”
Jennifer P.

This is by far the best studio for belly dance I have been to. Anna is a fantastic teacher and is always willing to help you with any questions you might have.” Cassie S.

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