How to do A Belly Dance Chest Undulation

Learn how to do the Belly Dance Forward & Reverse Chest Undulations. Taught by Anna at Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance in Houston TX. Chest Undulations are comprised of two basic belly dance movements the chest slides forward and back and the chest lift and drop. You can layer chest undulations over various foot patterns, like the “step cross”, and use them to express different emotions. Learn those here: Chest Slides Chest Lift & Drop  

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Horizontal Chest Circle

In this video, Anna teaches you the horizontal chest circle, aka the ribcage circle. She will show you how to take the chest slides/ribcage slides you already know and turn them into a chest /ribcage circle. This is a beautiful move to show off the fluidity in your torso. Don’t know how to do the¬†chest/ribcage slides? Click here to watch the tutorial

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Vertical Chest Circle

  The Chest Circle, sometimes called a Ribcage Circle, is a popular smooth and sensual movement used in belly dancing. This move works well with slow music, sword and floor work. It’s also one of those movements that feels good to do because it doubles as a great stretch, increasing flexibility in the back and core muscles.  

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