Learn the last section of Anna’s Turkish Drum Solo.

Music: Modified version of “Yasarca – Ritim Solo” by Yaşar Akpençe

Choreography Notes:

2:45 bumpR-bumpL; bumpR,bumpL,bumpR (w/head turn); during roll (bring L arm over to R hand); drop L hip to accent
2:49 rrr rrr rrrrrrrr L hip shimmies up 2x, quick barrel turn to L
2:53 step rlr (finish facing DSL) kick and flick hair, step lrl and kick toward DSRish
2:56 1 full forward fig-8 w/shimmy st on R
3:01 slide/drops lrlr; plant–unwind R; bend over to floor
3:04 begin chest twists w/beats; lift body/hair up; continue chest shimmy to upright position
3:07 8ct of stationary hip lifts w/arms going up
3:11 3x 8ct 1x 4ct: choo choo R (r arm swoops) rpt other side; choo choo w/ slide rl rl rl; shimmy bringing arms low
3:22 Corkscrew Turn st on L ft for 6 cts, step back on L on 7th, pose with R ft out on 8th
3:27 End