Are you looking for lessons on how to belly dance for beginners?

My name is Anna and I have some beginner belly dance tutorials just for you – the absolute beginner.

On this webpage, you will learn 13 of the most foundational movements of belly dancing!

Each beginner belly dance lesson video covers basic techniques that are simple and easy to do.

If you find a particular move challenging, don’t give up on it. Sometimes your body just needs time to coordinate everything before it “clicks.”

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Good dancing takes lots of time and practice. Keep practicing and remember to relax and enjoy the experience.

If you can master these, you will have what it takes to create all the spicy, snakey, silky, smooth moves you see in belly dancing videos on social media.

Disclaimer: The videos below can be used as an introduction to basic techniques, as well as a resource for students taking LIVE classes. However, no video can replace the value of a qualified LIVE instructor. Videos can’t give you feedback (yet) or ensure that you are performing the techniques safely and correctly! So if you haven’t already, find an experienced and respected instructor in your area to help guide you along your belly dance journey.

If you live in the Houston / Cypress / Katy Texas area and you would like to take belly dance classes near you, we would love to have you join us! Check out our Belly Dance Class Schedule

1. Weighted Hip Lifts and Drops

2. Un-weighted Hip Lifts and Drops

3. Knee Shimmy

4. Head Slide

5. Shoulder Rolls

6. Snake Arms: an alternating wave of each arm, right arm, then left arm

7. Ribcage Slides: side to side, forward and back

8. Hip Slides: side to side, forward and back

9. Chest Lift and Drop

10. Hip/Pelvic Tilt Forward and Back

11. Ribcage Twist

12. Hip Twist

13. Full Body Undulations: Down and Up/Reverse