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The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment

  • The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment: An Essential Guide for Belly Dancers Take a deep dive into the exciting world of belly dancing performance. Whether you’re a growing dancer, a blossoming performance hobbyist, or an aspiring dance professional, this book is written just for you! The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment: An Essential Guide for Belly Dancers covers everything you need to know. Providing invaluable insights from an experienced professional belly dancer’s perspective, you’ll learn precisely what you need to do to bring your unique dance vision to life. The information contained in this book will help you:
    • Take all the guesswork out of creating stunning performances
    • Avoid common mistakes many newcomers and even pros frequently make
    • Know exactly what you need to do to level up artistically and professionally
    Here are a few of the topics you will and should learn:
    • Creating your own fabulous dance image – When starting your belly dance performance journey, it’s crucial to build a well-designed, consistent dance image that fits your personality and goals. Learn how and get ready to stun the audience with your own unique, glamorous look.
    • Stepping into the limelight – Get to know the ins and outs of creating a mesmerizing performance, find new dance opportunities for yourself, and learn important performers’ etiquette and guidance on dancing with live music. Tips that will help you grow and flourish as a belly dance artist.
    • Belly dancing as a business – Know when you’re ready to go pro. Understand the essential basics of starting your own belly dance business. Learn how to market yourself, how to interact with other dance professionals in your area, and how to price your dance services.
      All these and so much more! You have a passion for dancing. Now is the time for you to turn your passion into a rewarding endeavor that propels your performances, prestige, and even profits to the next level. Equip yourself with the proper tools that will allow you to shine to your brightest and be your absolute best! Your incredible journey to becoming the next belly dancing sensation starts here. Order yours today and start achieving your dance dreams!   Special Note: For the protection of this copyrighted material, every ebook is encrypted and watermarked with the purchaser’s name, email address, and copyright notice. It is unlawful to copy, share, or print in part or in whole without permission from the copyright owner. Thank you for purchasing your copy to support the author’s efforts. Currently available in PDF format.   What Others Say About This Book “Anna has penned an enjoyable and comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of belly dance performance, whether you’re a new dancer or an aspiring professional.  This practical and entertaining read demystifies the belly dancer’s backstage world, covering topics that are usually learned the hard way: interacting with audiences, costume mishaps to avoid, managing stage fright, and dance show etiquette. Professional and aspiring professional dancers can benefit from Anna’s personal experiences through her tips on contracting for gigs, client screening, and dancer ethics.  Whether you’re new to the stage or a hafla hotshot, The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment will give you new insights and inspiration to own the stage.” Kelli Nottingham Creator of Belly Dance Alchemy Editor of “The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment”   “A very useful tool for belly dancers. Especially women, that are unsure about what steps to follow to start on the right path to a successful dance career. Anna shares a ton of information and tips that can make your journey easier in the complex, yet very rewarding, dance business.” Sivoney Salgado Katy, TX

Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Belly Dancers

  • 24 Pages