Beginners! Do you want your belly dancing to look more graceful and natural, instead of choppy and robotic? Practice this simple, yet powerful drill with Anna using the hip drop w/ release with turn movements.

Anna will demonstrate the transitioning between three different arm positions. Practicing this drill, taking care to smoothly switch from position to position with precise timing can improve your arm transitions, adding more grace and polish to your dancing.

Once a dancer has a good grasp of individual techniques, the next logical step is combining movements together, right? Perhaps even learning a combo or choreography? Of course, but before you go on advancing in choreographic difficultly, make sure you haven’t forgotten a crucial consideration in your development, the fine art of THE TRANSITION.

Mastering the transition is every dancer’s that next CRUCIAL evolutionary step where the dancer learns to “put everything together” by masterfully manipulating the time and space between each movement, creating impeccably polished dance that flows seamlessly and effortlessly.