The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment EBook



It’s no secret, navigating the belly dance performance world isn’t exactly an intuitive one. Perhaps you’ve been learning how to belly dance for quite some time and you want to start performing or make the leap to professional, but you are not sure if you have what it takes or how to go about it.

Wouldn’t a no-nonsense belly dance performance reference guide be helpful?

You know it!

Having been a professional belly dancer, teacher, show producer, and studio owner myself, I found it quite challenging to easily transmit this kind of information to my students consistently and thoroughly within my own curriculum.

So, I created  “The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment: An Essential Guide for Belly Dancers” to ensure my own belly dance students and anyone else that wants to learn about performing this beautiful dance art get the training they need to succeed.

In this book, you’ll learn step by step the details of planning a fabulous performance, all the way to creating a viable belly dance business. In between, you’ll learn all my experience-tested tips and advice I’ve gathered [so far] after 20 years of studying and performing belly dance.

Even if you never plan to become a professional belly dancer, this book will empower you with the practical tools you need to shine your brightest.

Here’s a list of a few topics I cover in this book:

– Deciding when you are ready to perform
– Creating your dance image
– Looking your best onstage
– Is choosing a stage name right for you?
– The ins and outs of performance music
– Writing good introductions
– Signing-up for shows
– Designing a dynamic performance “set”
– Methods of maintaining “mystique”
– Performer and audience etiquette
– Finding more dance opportunities
– Dancing with live music
– Knowing when you are ready to go pro
– How to start your belly dance performance business
– Setting your prices
– How and where to get gigs
– Tipping
– Screening and intaking potential clients
– Personal safety considerations
– Handy pricing and intake worksheets and sample contracts
– Dancer ethics
– And much more…

Want to know more about what’s in the book?

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What Others Say About This Book

“Anna has penned an enjoyable and comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of belly dance performance, whether you’re a new dancer or an aspiring professional.  This practical and entertaining read demystifies the belly dancer’s backstage world, covering topics that are usually learned the hard way: interacting with audiences, costume mishaps to avoid, managing stage fright, and dance show etiquette. Professional and aspiring professional dancers can benefit from Anna’s personal experiences through her tips on contracting for gigs, client screening, and dancer ethics.  Whether you’re new to the stage or a hafla hotshot, The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment will give you new insights and inspiration to own the stage.”

Kelli Nottingham
Creator of Belly Dance Alchemy
Editor of “The Art & Business of Belly Dance Entertainment”


“A very useful tool for belly dancers. Especially women, that are unsure about what steps to follow to start on the right path to a successful dance career. Anna shares a ton of information and tips that can make your journey easier in the complex, yet very rewarding, dance business.”

Sivoney Salgado
Katy, TX