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Music Map:

Time Stamp / Description

1:02 Section 1
1:15 Section 2
1:30 Section 3


  • One Hip Circles: Horizontal (Outward/Inward), Vertical (Downward/Upward)
  • Figure-8s: Backward, Forward, Downward, Upward
  • Knee Shimmy
  • Hand Undulations
  • Full Undulation
  • Pivot Turn


3.5-8c 4x Forward Figure-8s st on R, 3x Upward Figure-8s st on L

4-8c 1st: Start Knee Shimmy: arms will move up to extend overhead (8ct), 4x Hand Undulations down alongside of head/neck/torso then arms move out (8ct)
2nd: 4x Backward Figure-8 st on R (2-8ct)

2.5-8c 2 big/slow Undulations (2-8ct), Pivot Turn to L (.5ct)

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