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Take an educational journey with me, to mysterious lands and discover the origins and history of Egyptian Oriental dance. From ancient Egypt to modern Cairo, we will uncover the development of dance entertainment through time, unveiling the many influences, to reveal the important people and places that have shaped modern Egyptian Oriental dance today.

Prerequisites: None.

Who is this workshop for?

Curious belly dance enthusiasts who are searching for the answers to the following questions:

  • Is belly dance really an ancient art?
  • Are popular myths about belly dance true or false?
  • Where does belly dance come from?
  • How belly dance became a global dance form?
  • What factors have contributed to belly dance’s “bad” reputation?
  • How has the dance form evolved since recorded history?
  • Who are some of belly dance’s most influential people?
  • Where is belly dance headed in the 21st century?

AAMED Certification students will earn credit toward their Level 1 certification with this workshop.

Workshop Details

Date:  March 17th, 2014
Time: 12pm-2pm
Location: Oriental Phoenix Arts 17440 FM 529 #107B Houston, TX 77095

All participants must register BEFORE midnight 3/14/2024

Early Bird Price: $40 (BEFORE midnight 3/3/2024) 

Regular Price: $50

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What others have said about this workshop…

Thank you, Anna, for a great class. The information you gave out was fascinating, and it deepens my respect for what you offer with your teaching. It is important to know the history of this dance. You could do a whole semester course with this information!  – Alma R.

It was a great workshop. I really enjoyed learning about what I love ♡ and now I have some great dancers I need to look up 😉 Thank you. – Kasandra B.

It was awesome! Very inspiring! – Sarah J.

You did a great job organizing and presenting the information! – Jennie P.

Thanks for having the class! It was so interesting! – Carly “Flo” T-P.