Have you ever gotten a call for a show and you felt like you got all the information that you needed only to find out later that there were one or two details you completely forgot to get from the client, and now you have to call them back to get the details you missed?

Or maybe you forgot the amount you wish to charge for a performance package that you are rarely inquired about, and you later find out you grossly undercharged on your quote?

Or perhaps, you keep forgetting to mention the cool props and styles that you are able to perform, but the pressure of being on the spot during your potential gig call causes you to forget what all you offer.

Well, no more!

Have everything you need in one place, so you always have the correct information to provide and the right questions to ask your clients to create a customized show or lesson they’ll never forget.

The Gig Booking Toolkit comes with 3 documents in 2 files:
The first pdf file has 2 pages:  “My Booking Information” and the “Booking Interview.”
The second odt file has 1 page: “Event Performance / Lesson Agreement” 

  • “My Booking Information” helps you list out what you offer, your packages, your fees, and your payment information so you know exactly what to say to your potential clients and quote them efficiently and accurately for your performance/lesson services.
  • Next is the “Booking Interview.” This easy to use questionnaire will help you gather all the little bits of information you need to design a fabulous show for your client, as well as have the details to help you fill in the contract when the client decides to book you for their event.
  • Last, the “Event Performance / Lesson Agreement” is a sample contract you can use to ensure you and the client have all the critical details written out clearly, so everyone understands what is expected. It is strongly suggested that every professional dancer have a contract and have every client agree, sign, and return with a deposit, before finalizing on their gig calendar. This document is in odt format so you can easily open and modify it to your needs.


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