Listen & Learn: Belly Dance Podcats

You don’t have to be in the studio to learn more about your favorite dance. You can jump online or on your mobile and download great audible content to listen to anytime, anywhere – FOR FREE! Listening to podcasts is a super convenient way to learn new things, like great advice from master teachers, ideas on improving your performance, or hear about another dancer’s research into various styles. Lots of good info you would otherwise have to get from a workshop.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts.

Iana Dance Podcasts
Get all insights into belly dance lifestyle with Iana and star guests! Weekly portion of stories, tips and inspirations from those who already made it work.

The Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse
Produced by Nadirah Jamal, this ongoing podcast interviews many world-renown dancers, teachers, and studio owners.  This podcast features many topics that you might not learn about in regular dance classes.

Shut Up and Shimmy Podcast
Interviews with a very diverse list of performers from many different genres of belly dance. Most guests are well known within the U.S. Pacific Northwest, but you will also find interviews with International teachers, as well.

Radio Bastet
77 programs worth of vintage belly dance music on vinyl…with liner notes! Since most of use don’t even own a record player, its great to know we can get our retro belly dance fix with this popular podcast.

Belly Dance Phylosophy
Provocative commentary by long time belly dancer Leyla Najma

YIP Podcast
Tips, resources, and interviews with big name dancers including popular tribal fusion/fusion artists.

She’s Got Hips 
While Mahin isn’t producing these podcasts anymore, you can still access 7 great episodes featuring interviews with famous dancers and a multi-episode series with “the Costume Fairy.”

Advance Your Bellydance
A podcast just for belly dance business owners discusses subjects helpful to belly dance teachers and studio owners. Hosted by Zana.