Beginner Belly Dance

Beginner Belly Dancing Classes Houston Ahlam Academy

About Our Beginner Belly Dance Classes

This is where the magic begins!

Learn all the basic movements and steps of belly dance, as well as 16 rhythm-based dance combinations to jump-start your journey into belly dance. You will be amazed by how much belly dance works all of your body, not just your tummy! And did we mention how fun and stress-reducing it is? 

Do I need any previous dance experience?

Nope! Many of us begin belly dancing as an adult and has had little to no dance training when we started. So, no experience is no problem.

What Should I expect in my first few lessons?

When you first come in, you can expect to be warmly greeted by one of OPA’s staff members. Who will help sign-in to your class and show you around our intimate studio? Each time you come to OPA, you will begin to get to know the wonderful students who attend here. You will immediately get a sense of our positive and non-competitive environment. Even if you feel very shy at first, you will soon see that everyone here is supportive and not judgmental.

Dancing can be really tough at first, you may feel strange and uncoordinated, that’s ok! Every one of us felt that way in the beginning. Just keep coming and you will soon see yourself improving.

What is the size of the beginners class?

Depends on the class day/time and time of year. Most of the time, class size ranges from 3+ students.

Will I be the only beginner in the class?

Not usually, but there is almost always a range of skill levels in all our classes. Our intermediate and advanced students often take the Beginner’s class to stay practiced on our choreographies and basic technique. Students coming from other dance schools/teachers may take our Beginner’s classes to learn our terminology and way of teaching movement. Be assured that even if more skilled dancers are in the class, we teach beginners in this class. It is meant for you, to help you build a strong foundation.

When can I start?

You can start anytime! No need to wait for the next available session.

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