Anna shows you 10 ways to annoy belly dance show producers (Short of Cancellation), as well as tips to help you avoid driving producers crazy.

Producing events is tough work, but you can help the folks that give so much to our dance community by making their life easier, by being considerate and diligent when you sign up to dance in their shows.

Beware that you do not commit too many of these, as show producers greatly appreciate dancers that are easy to work with and follow directions.

Don’t fret about the occasional slip-up, we are human after all, but do your best to not annoy show producers.

If you are, however, a repeat offender, you risk being put on the “banned dancer” list. That’s the list that show producers keep to remind them to avoid dealing with certain dancers/teachers. They also share that list with their other show producing friends. Being on a list like that means your reputation is likely diminished and thusly, your dance opportunities.

In a future video, Anna will cover the worst annoyance, cancellation, because it deserves a bit more discussion.