Monthly Curriculum Schedule

The Master List Monthly Curriculum Schedule Advanced Classes Ahlam Academy

Our curriculum is taught on an annual basis, each month covers an essential Oriental dance topic that every knowledgeable dancer should know and practice.

Each month’s subject matter is taught in our “Master Classes” at Oriental Phoenix Arts.

All these classes are taught workshop style and may be attended by anyone with some belly dance experience, not only Ahlam Academy students. Click here for our class schedule.

January – Classic Egyptian

February – Turkish Oriental / Turkish Romani

March – Taqsim / Improv / Tarab

April – Saidi / Cane

May – Baladi Progression / Baladi Style / Improv

June – Dabke

July – Khaleeji

August – Balancing / Floorwork / Chiftitelli

September – Modern Egyptian

October – Drum Solo / Improv

November – Folkloric

December – Veil / Slow Dramatic / Improv



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