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Maqsoum Rhythm vs Fellahi Rhythm

Learn how to tell the difference between maqsoum and fellahi Egyptian rhythms. Maqsoum and fellahi rhythms are often played with the same doumbek pattern using very similar sounding strikes. This can confuse dancers and new drummers. Maqsoum is a 4/4 rhythm and Fellahi is a 2/4 rhythm. You can think about Fellahi being a Maqsoum played double-time or twice as fast. One of the keys is looking to the phrasing of the melodic instruments in the music is the melodic phrasing coinciding with 4 counts of the beat or 2 count of the beat.

Music Samples (FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) may be purchased on Amazon at the following links:

Maqsoum Sample Maqsoum(1)
Hossam Ramzy: Rhythms of the Nile CD

Maqsoum Song Sample
“Soheir Zaki Fi Balady” by Samir Srour & Soheir Zaki: Cairo Plus

Fellahi Sample:
“Lesson – Fellahi” by Sayed Balaha: El Prince

Fellahi Sample:
“Soheir Zaki Fi Balady” by Samir Srour & Soheir Zaki: Cairo Plus