Khaleegi: Better Understanding the Arabian Gulf’s Thobe Dance & Music

For several weeks now, I have been introducing Khaleegi (Arabian Gulf) movement, more specifically Saudi, to my students. To help students better understand the thobe (nasha’al) dance with its lovely footwork and hair tosses, as well as to give them a better idea of different musical styles of the region, I have created a few YouTube playlists for you to explore the rich dance and music traditions of the Arabian Gulf. For many years, dancers and researches from outside this…

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The How & What of Belly Dance Practice

One of the biggest concerns that I hear from dancers is they don’t know what to do to practice. This article will help give you some ideas on what to practice and how to make the most of your private practice time, through the different stages of dance development. We will start with beginners and work our way to tips for more advanced dancers. This article assumes the decision to practice has already been made, so I won’t address time…

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