Raqs Sharqi was born in Egypt, but did you know there are other styles of Egyptian dance, beyond the hustle and bustle of Cairo. Let’s take a journey down the Nile, into the desert, to the Mediterranean, and into Upper Egypt to witness the fun folkloric dances of Egypt.

We will take a look at Ghawazee, Bedouin (Hagallah), Melaya Leff, Fellahin, and Nubian.

Below is a list of YouTube Playlists that I have created for you to explore these dances for yourself.

Click on the link below to visit the playlist:

Bedouin – The Hagallah dance of Western Egypt

Fellahi / Fellahin – Egypt Farmers

Ghawazee – Domari (gypsy) of Qena / Luxor

Melaya Leff – Theatrical representation of the Banat Alexandria

Nubian –  Driving African rhythms and movement in Southern Egypt