You CAN Learn To Belly Dance!

( Even if you've never taken a dance class before)

Whether you are looking for a fun and different way to get fit, connect with your body, find your femininity, express yourself creatively, or you simply want learn how to belly dance.

Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance has a step-by-step belly dancing program to help you blossom into a new you.
Picture of Anna Ahlam Academy's Lead Instructor and some of her accomplishments

How To Get Started


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Purchase a single- or multi-class package and evaluate if our belly dancing classes are right for you. Some students just join our membership!

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Regularly attend classes and before you know it, you’ll have learned so many new and exciting things: moves, combinations, and even complete choreographies!

Is Your Workout Not Working Out For You?

Bored with repetitive workouts?
Standard exercise routines can quickly become boring, tiresome, and lack excitement, draining your enthusiasm.

Feeling out of touch with your body?
Many fitness programs focus purely on physical activity, neglecting emotional connection and self-expression, which can leave you feeling alienated and disconnected from your sense of self.

Overwhelmed by self-doubt?
It’s common to feel apprehensive about trying something new and “different” like belly dancing. You might be paralyzed by thoughts like “I’m too old,” “I’m too out of shape,” or “I’ve never danced before.” Don’t let thoughts like these stop you! Many of our students felt this way at first and quickly discovered that they can learn to belly dance!

Missing a sense of allure?
Modern life can stress you out, zap your energy, and dull your sense of softness, sensuality and femininity, making you miss feeling vibrant and attractive.

Ring any šŸ””šŸ””šŸ””???

Anna at Ahlam Academy Teaches Belly Dance Classes Houston Cypress Katy Texas. Learn how to Belly Dance with Anna

It’s time for a change!

It’s time to do something uplifting and fun that supports your whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

Why not? When You can have great results like these...

šŸŽ‡ Exceed Your Expectations

I never thought I could be a dancer and I never thought I had the right body for it. The first class alone taught me I was wrong about both.”
– Flo T.P

šŸŽ‡ Discover a New You

“I thought of myself as the ugly duck and it helped me to feel comfortable about my body (the way I look) and I saw a new me being born because of the dance” – Marite SĀ 


šŸŽ‡ Encouraging, Supportive Community

“The number one thing about belly dance that I appreciate is the group, the community of people. This is the most accepting and supportive group of people I have ever known.” – Kelli N.

šŸŽ‡ Learn at Your Own Pace

There is no judgment or pressure to look a certain way or achieve at a certain pace. There are women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities in her classes. – Jenny P.

You'll Be...

  • expressing yourself in beautiful ways
  • feeling less stressed
  • getting stronger, more flexible and fit
  • gaining confidence
  • making new friends
  • having a great time
  • doing something so good for your overall wellbeing