Private In-Studio Coaching

Discover the Secret Weapon
No Dancer Should Be Without!

How do professional athletes and entertainers become as good as they are?

They have great coaches guiding them every step of the way!

Great dancers are no different.  They covet the help of experienced and knowledgeable coaches, that can tell them exactly what needs to be fixed and how. A good coach will create a clear strategy that holds their clients accountable, so their client can experience steady progress. They don’t just hope for improvement, they make sure of it!

Are you ready to be your best? 

Dancers of all levels, including Houston’s current top professional dancers, seek Anna’s help when they want to be their BEST!  She’s their secret weapon.

Not a professional? No problem. Dancers of all levels will benefit from coaching.

Should you wait until you are at a certain level to get coaching? Nope! The only prerequisite is you have to want to be a better dancer and willing to work for it.

Aren’t group classes enough? No! Not for those that really want to be extraordinary…

There are two reasons.

The first reason group class aren’t enough is that your group class teacher cannot dedicate adequate time to explain and work directly with each dancer in a group class setting. They cannot take the time required to point out specific faults, putting dancers on the spot, to explain how to correct it, in front of a bunch of other students. They can’t discuss what each dancer’s obstacles are and how to create a practical strategy to help them. At best, they will be pointing out minor issues that can be corrected very quickly, but obviously, your teacher cannot take the time and work one-on-one in this setting.  Group classes are great for discovering and reinforcing good techniques, but it does not help with the unique needs of every individual dancer. That’s what private lessons are for.

Often, what a dancer truly needs isn’t applicable in a group setting. Each dancer needs customized help, especially at certain levels in their dance growth, that is completely unique to them.

The second reason group classes aren’t enough is your teacher is waiting for you to become vulnerable enough to ask for individual help. Have you ever tried to help someone that didn’t ask for help? They probably didn’t take your advice as well as you would have hoped. In fact, they might have even gotten upset with you. The truth is dancers have to want to improve and take that first step of asking for help before they are ready to put in the necessary work to get there. Teachers don’t want to waste their breath trying to push dancers that aren’t motivated to improve enough to take that first step. Remember, just because your teacher isn’t pointing out all your problems in class that you are a great dancer, no, they are just helping you save face. A good teacher knows what you need help with and they are just waiting for you to want the help enough to ask for it.

Here are only a few ways to use Private Belly Dancing Coaching:

– Gentle, honest feedback on why you aren’t performing as well as you could be
– Fix those things that take away from you dancing your best
– Correct improper technique before it becomes a major roadblock 
– Gain valuable insight into how you’re really doing 
– Make the most of each performance
– Accelerate your development
– Transition smoothly into professional belly dance
– Learn to teach or get business advice to begin/improve your teaching career

If you are brand new to belly dancing, we highly recommend that you start with our group belly dance classes first, or take group belly dancing classes in addition to private belly dance lessons to get the most benefit and to see the most improvement.

Here are some more private belly dance lesson ideas. The possibilities are endless… 

* Refine the foundational movements of belly dance
* Improve overall performance skills and stage presence
* Sharpen technique or learn new moves
* Work on zills, veils, cane (Assaya), or other dance props
* Competition prep
* Help with choreography or improvisational skills
* Learn some new combos or a whole choreography
* Advice on your “image” like costuming, hair and make-up
* Need support for stage fright
* Want a performance or video critique

You can take private lessons for many reasons, but if you SERIOUSLY want to improve your dancing, you must get to the heart of the matter by asking the SINGLE most important question during ANY private coaching session…

“Watch me dance and tell me what I need to work on!”

You could learn all the technique in the world, use all the latest props, and wear the best costumes, but if you don’t address your underlying obstacles ( and every single dancer has a unique set of those ), you will never reach your fullest potential. You CAN be a much better dancer, but you must reach for it. So, reach for it already!

Better dancing is a lesson away. Contact Anna now ( Email | Text ) to start your own dance transformation!

Private Coaching Pricing

How to get your private coaching sessions.

1) First, purchase your lesson(s) below or in-person before/after classes.

2) Text 281-394-0476, email, or talk to Anna to schedule your private coaching session.

If you are looking for “Arabian Nights” belly dancing lessons for a private event? CLICK HERE

Step 1: Click on the package you want below to pre-pay for your private coaching session.
Step 2: Create an account or sign-in

Step 3: Then, contact Ahlam Academy/OPA to schedule your first session.

If you are not sure that you want to buy more than one lesson, buy one, and we will credit that lesson to a package deal should you decide to continue after your first lesson!

: $35
: $60
: $70
: $165
: $195
: $300
: $360
Wanna semi-private? Additional students per class hour: $25

Lesson Availability
We have convenient private lesson times available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

Private lessons for you (or your group) may be given in our spacious Cy-Fair studio. Private lessons may be given at your location within 20 miles of Oriental Phoenix Arts when available. A travel fee will apply, based on distance from Oriental Phoenix Arts.


Lesson Registration/Payment:
Pre-payment is required to secure your appointment.

Private Coaching Lesson Package Expiration:
1 lesson must be used within 1 month of purchase, 3 lessons must be used within 2 months of purchase, and 6 lessons must be used within 3 months of purchase.

Discontinuation of Lessons:
No refunds will be given after private lessons are purchased. The balance of unused private lessons may be applied to an appropriate group class, at my discretion, and must commence within 3 months of original purchase. If convenient private lesson times are not available due to my schedule, your money will be promptly refunded for any unused classes, based on the pricing level originally agreed.

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy:
Please give at least 24-hour cancellation/reschedule notice. No refunds for missed or LATE cancellation/rescheduled lessons.

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