Online ZOOM Classes

Anna at Ahlam Academy Teaches Belly Dance Classes Houston Cypress Katy Texas. Learn how to Belly Dance with Anna

Join Anna and her team of AAMED-certified instructors for LIVE online classes direct from her studio in Houston?

Follow the super easy step-by-step instructions below: 

Step 1

Confirm our online class times are good for you.

Here’s a list of our currently available live online classes via zoom:
All times are Central Time Zone.

  • Beginner Belly Dance (Beginners)
    Saturdays | 12pm
  • Tech, Drills,&Zills (All Skill Levels Welcome)
    Saturdays | 1pm
  • Master Class (Advanced, by invitation only)
    Saturdays | 2pm
  • Tech, Drills,&Zills (All Skill Levels Welcome)
    Tuesdays | 7:30pm

Remember, all our classes are taught “workshop-style,” so you can start anytime.

Step 2

Once you’ve chosen your preferred class time(s) from above, click the button below to SELECT & RESERVE your first class.

Along the way, you will create an account on our studio system and choose:

“New Student 14-Day ZOOM Belly Dance Class Pass”

Step 3

Send us an email to, introducing yourself as one of Ahlam Academy’s new online students.

We will reply with the link(s) to your online class(es).

Step 4

Prepare for and enjoy your trial class(es)!

What you’ll need for class:

1) The latest version of Zoom app.

2) A safe, distraction-free space to dance.

3) A place to set your computer/screen/camera; table, tripod, etc

4) Your hip scarf and finger cymbals (if you have them)

5) Click the link (we sent you) that is associated with the class time you are taking.

***Make sure your Zoom profile has your name displayed. We will remove anyone we don’t recognize.***

Step 5

Ready to Take More Classes?
Become an Online Class Membership!

  • Join our community of online dance enthusiasts.
  • No contracts, and no risk. Cancel anytime with 10-day notice.
  • Use your monthly class hours for any available online class.
  • Choose a membership based on your desired level of participation.
  • Get special benefits like weekly practice videos!

Click the button below, sign in to the studio account you created in STEP 2 and then click the “Online Store” tab. Click “Memberships.” Then select any membership labeled “ZOOM”  

If you want a class package (not a membership), click “Trials and Class Packages” on the submenu, and select “Belly Dancing” from the drop-down menu. Then, select any class package labeled “ZOOM”.