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How to Make Braids for Folkloric Egyptian Costumes

1) 1 skein of yarn in a colour to match your hair or black, your artistic choice. 2) These instructions are for braids 1.25″ (inches) thick. For this thickness, cut 120 strands that are approx 2 yards long. Keep them in one long bunch. You can adjust thickness by having more or fewer strands in your bunch. This length, your braids will hang [approx] down to your hips. Strands may need to be longer if you are taller. If you are…

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Best List of Belly Dance Costume Vendors Ever

Are you looking for a new oriental dance costume? Look no further! I have compiled a list of the best belly dance costume vendors from around the world. No “Turkish airport specials” here! Actually, we do have Turkish airport specials, but they are at the bottom of this list. Are you new to belly dance costuming and you are not sure where to start or what to get? Check out these resources too! Finding & Preparing Your First Belly Dance Costume What…

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What Not To Wear… in 60 Seconds

Don’t be caught dead in these belly dance fashion mistakes and tips on how to avoid belly dancing costume nightmares. When you are a new belly dancer, chances are you really don’t know much, if anything at all, about belly dance costuming. When making costume choices you want to look for quality, appropriatness, and style. When starting your belly dance journey, unfortunately, you won’t have any experience in making good costuming choices until you’ve been around the art form a while.…

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Finding & Preparing Your First Belly Dance Costume

First Thing – Take Your Measurements Using a tailor’s measuring tape (available at any fabric store) with your outer clothes off, measure around your rib cage under your breasts, upper hip (just above your hip bones), lower hip (around the fullest part of your bottom), and length (from upper hip to the floor). Write these down and keep them handy when you are shopping. Include your bra cup size too. Many belly dance costume stores will give you the measurement…

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