Learn the Beautiful Art of Veil


Add more feminine flow and mesmerizing mystery to your belly dancing with one of the most beautiful dance props – THE SILK VEIL.

In this series, you will learn everything you need to know to begin using this popular prop, as well as a short and sweet “performance-ready” choreography.

Join us for 5 weeks of veil fabulousness!

Starting the week of October 9th, 2021


What We'll Cover in the Workshop


The series kicks off with a 1-hour workshop, where you’ll learn:

  • Hold on Loosely, but Don’t Let Go
    Learn the best methods to hold and manipulate your veil. (Title coined by Kelli – one of our awesome teachers)


  • Amazing Grace
    Veils can be a mischievous prop, but they are no match for our graceful recovery strategy.


  • Veil Wrapped: The Prop that Keeps on Giving
     Give your audience the most wonderful gift – you. Learn to conceal and reveal using veil wraps.


  • Float Like a Butterfly: Veil Basics 
    Learn the quintessential veil movements within the American Cabaret repertoire.


  • You Spin Me Round
    Build grace and balance to execute these essential spins and turns for flowing, flawless veil work.
  • And much more…


Then We'll Put It All Together in a Choreography


After the workshop, you will learn a super cute choreography incorporating many of the techniques we introduced in the 1-hour workshop (and more).

The choreography’s content will be broken down into 4 sections and covered over 4 weeks, starting the week of October 16th.   


Who Can Take These Classes


  • New belly dancers


  • Those who are new to veil work

  • Those who want a refresher from dancers with lots of veil experience


What Our Students Say


“You inspire confidence to try new things and to unleash creativity through dance.”
Kirsten U


“I never thought I could be a dancer and I never thought I had the right body for it. The first class alone taught me I was wrong about both…I cannot recommend this place enough!!!”
Flo T.P.


“The amount of knowledge I get from the instructors and the amount of support from the other students have surpassed all my expectations.”
Asha S. / Sunshyne
“Ahlam Academy is an absolutely fantastic place to learn Bellydance! Anna is a wonderful instructor, always willing to help students to be their absolute best! The classes are incredibly welcoming, you’ll feel right at home!”
Brittany K


When / Class Times


We offer THREE class times each week. Content changes weekly.
(i.e. 3 opportunities to learn/practice each week’s content)

Class time are:

Saturdays @ 12pm (available in-person and online)

Mondays @ 6:30pm (in-person only)

Thursdays @ 7pm 
(in-person only)


Weekly Content Schedule


Beginner Veil Workshop
October 9th – October 14th

Week 1
Beginner Veil Choreography

October 16th – October 21st

Week 2
Beginner Veil Choreography

October 23rd – October 28th

Week 3
Beginner Veil Choreography

October 30th – November 4th

Week 4
Beginner Veil Choreography

November 6th – November 11th


Your Own Veil is Highly Suggested


It is highly suggested that you get your own veil for these classes. You need a 3-yard (approx. 108″ x 44″ ) RECTANGLE SILK veil designed for belly dancing. I do not recommend chiffon veils, circular-shaped veils, or veils with anything on the edge. JUST SILK. 

You can purchase the CORRECT kind at the suggested retailers below:



If you aren’t sure, send me a link to what you are thinking about purchasing and I’ll confirm it’s the correct kind.

I’ll have a VERY LIMITED few to borrow during class.



Watch a Sample of the Kinds of Moves You'll Learn



You can use single class drop-ins, class packages, or memberships to attend these classes like any other class. Even the “workshop” that kicks off this choreography series is included in our regular class pricing.  


New Student Registration DEADLINE APPROACHING

If you are not one of our current students, we have a number of pricing options to accommodate your desired level of participation, please contact us by 12 noon Friday October 8th so we can help you select the best option for you and help prepare you for this series.