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Benefits of Belly Dancing at Ahlam Academy

Belly Dance classes are one of the best low impact, total body workouts available. When done 2-3 times a week, belly dancing burns calories, tones your entire core, strengthens every major muscle group, increases flexibility, and improves stamina.

Dance does wonders for your disposition. Life can be crazy, but we can take a moment to do something good for ourselves, like MOVE. Numerous studies have shown the mental and emotional benefits of participation in regular dance and exercise classes. You will never leave a class feeling worse than when you came in. You will always leave feeling energized and invigorated.

Belly dancing has a way of bringing bodies back into balance. Though learning to belly dance can be tough work, it’s very gentle on the body and safe for people of any age or people with current or prior injuries. Many experience relief from back and knee pain, digestion problems, menstrual cramping, and migraine headaches, …the list goes on.

Learning to dance causes your brain to make new and different neural pathways. Stimulating your mind in new ways has been shown to keep your mind young and ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Challenges, like learning choreography, helps to improve focus and memory.

Belly dancing is one of the few dance forms where any size, shape, age, ethnicity are encouraged to participate. You don’t need a partner, though you can bring your friends along. You are never too small or large, too old, or to anything, to learn to belly dance.

When you feel out of control or powerless, it’s easy to feel anxious.  We’ll teach you how to gain control of your body, as well as your mind. You’ll discover and develop your personal power through safe challenges that will reveal just how capable you truly are. 

Feel out of balance? Learn to understand and utilize the feminine and masculine energies to bring yourself (and the rest of your life) into a more desirable equilibrium.

Hi, I'm Anna

I teach women how to gain confidence, feel more feminine, and love their bodies by learning the art of belly dancing.

Before I discovered belly dance, I lived with chronic depression and anxiety, which left me struggling to feel joy and live my life to its fullest.

Belly dancing, with its focus on feminine, sensual movement, worked its magic, helping me find my own strength and giving me the push I needed to overcome my obstacles.

Since beginning my journey nearly 20 yrs ago, I have honed my craft with many master teachers and performers, danced professionally, taught countless classes, authored numerous educational resources, and own a thriving wellness studio. I am passionate (obsessed, really) about offering great belly dance classes, courses, books, and resources to my students.

Are you ready to discover how beautiful, confident, and strong you truly are? 

What My Students Are Saying...

“Belly dance has given me confidence that I did not realize I was even missing, in a lot of ways. I stand up straighter. I walk taller.  ” – Kelli N

“I was looking for some new kind of activity to get myself moving and I had never previously considered belly dancing. To be frank, I thought I wasn’t skinny enough and that it would make me, even more, self-conscious of my body.  However, I could not have been more wrong. I’ve left each of these classes feeling better about my body than when I went in.” – Flo T.P.

“I thought of myself as the ugly duck and it helped me to feel comfortable about my body (the way I look) and I saw a new me being born because of the dance” – Marite S

“It is fun, different, and works every part of your body.” – Rosana S.

“I leave your class both relaxed and refreshed!” Cindy M.

“Ahlam Academy is an absolutely fantastic place to learn Bellydance! Anna is a wonderful instructor, always willing to help students to be their absolute best! The classes are incredibly welcoming, you’ll feel right at home!” – Brittany K.

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