Volunteer Opportunities

Become an Ahlam Angel or Ambassador

At Ahlam Academy, we know it really does take a tribe of like-minded and like-hearted people to make great things happen! We are always looking for members who want to join us by sharing their love of Middle Eastern dance and helping AAMED put on great events. 

We have two main types of Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Angels – Angels are the wind beneath our wings! They are the people that make all things happen, from running the music at our shows to helping us set-up and tear down.
  • Ambassadors – Ambassadors are a team of special folks, that have a real heart for people and want to help make sure everyone feels welcome. Ambassadors may also help at the front desk during events. 

Do you have a unique Skillset?

No problem! We have other talented people that don’t fit into the “Angel” or “Ambassador” category. Let us know what your special skills are, so we can evaluate if we can align those skills with Ahlam Academy’s needs.  


Would you like to help?

Email us and let us know how you would like to help 

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