by Carmen Meza

2018 brought me this beautiful gift of dance. After almost a year of practice, here is what I’ve learned. 

1. The name Pikachu works for almost every zill rhythm. I challenge you to try it  (insert laughter here)

2. Ignore the people giving you free criticism that you haven’t requested. Ask your teachers. They know what they’re doing. That’s why they are teaching the class. 

3. Practice at home. Turn on the music and improvise using the technique you learned in class. 

4. Watch videos of great dancers that you admire. Put it on your screen and dance with them. 

5. Listen to music. Save the music you like. Start visualizing how you would dance to it. 

6. Go dance at places with the community. You learn how to dance to have fun. That helps. 

7. Learn to engage your core. Dance from your core. I can’t explain this. It starts happening after about 8 months of frequent and constant attendance of class. 

8. Stick to your teacher. She usually has a plan and trust she can get you there. 

9. Love repetition. Muscle memory is hard to build if you don’t.

10. Practice performing by performing.  

11. Be patient. Be humble and teachable. 

12. Thank your teachers often.