Our Mission

To provide (you) our students with a positive and supportive experiential learning environment designed to bring out your personal best by offering high-quality online resources and in-person educational opportunities to help you enjoy, enrich and empower your life through the study of Middle Eastern, North African, and Turkish dance arts.


Why learn at Ahlam Academy?

There are many places to learn to Belly Dance in Houston. What sets Ahlam Academy apart from other dance schools?

  • Middle Eastern, North African, and Turkish dances are what we do! We are passionate about preserving and perpetuating folkloric, traditional, and modern dance forms. We know our students want to learn the real thing and “Dance Like an Egyptian” in an authentic way that honors the people and cultures these dances come from.
  • Dedication to the development of every student. We believe everyone has a special gift to share and we help everyone develop themselves into the best dancer they can be. PERIOD. We value diversity and create a fun, welcoming, non-competitive place where EVERYONE can grow.
  • Your dance education isn’t left to chance. We have a comprehensive, systematic program to grow your dance skills quickly.
  • No long-term contracts. We offer month-to-month memberships and drop-ins. 
  • No class lapses. We offer classes throughout the year, except for a few holidays.
  • You can start anytime.

What does our logo mean?

Coming soon!


17310 FM 529 #111
Houston, TX 77095

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