Are you a new belly dance performer or maybe you would like to perform and you want to know what you should be working on to lay the best performance skill foundation? Anna’s “New Performer Series” will help teach you everything you need to be thinking about and practicing during this stage of your belly dance performance journey.

The second video in this series, Anna will be talking about the importance of relaxing and breathing during your performances, as well as keeping an “active” dance posture. If you have a lot of dance anxiety, again, don’t worry, Anna will do a video on stage fright soon and ways to manage it. For now, do your best to breath and relax.

Tip #2 covers one of those small details that makes a big difference in your performance appearance. Maintaining active posture will exude intention and energy, which will add that professional look to your dancing. It’s such a small modification that it’s often overlooked by many dancers, but it really adds so much polish to your overall dance “look.”