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Master Class Advance Belly Dancing Classes Houston

What is Master Class?

Formerly called “Specialty/Combo”, Master Class is where we delve deeply into the many aspects of Middle Eastern dance. Like a “college level” class, our content contains lecture, audio/visual presentation, technical/improvisational drills, and choreography to bring Mid-Eastern dance alive, so you can begin to more fully understand its cultural context, as well as its history and where it may be going. We study all pertinent aspects of choreography, improvisation, different styles and props, musicality, performance skills, everything a dancer should know to be their best.

Note: Master Classes attendance is a requirement for AAMED Level 2 and 3 Certification Program participants

How Master Class Works

Our innovative curriculum runs on a 12-month schedule. Each month we work on an important style or aspect of Middle Eastern Dance. Did you already take February’s content? Don’t worry, Master Classes are EVERGREEN! There’s always something new to learn or skills to sharpen. We might hone the basics again, but we delve more deeply, take a different approach, or look at another aspect, every time we cover a topic. It’s never the same content twice!

Master Classes are taught workshop style. So, you don’t have to worry about joining at a certain time or being behind in a choreography. At AAMED, every Saturday we introduce new content. Then, we repeat the content in all Master Classes the rest of the week. So, students have an opportunity to learn that content if they miss Saturday’s introduction or to take the class again to reinforce what they’ve learned.

What Our Students Say…

Feedback for this class has always been phenomenal, and it’s proof that our students receive high-quality training from our program! Students who have been with us a while, often share their experience going to regional workshops. They consistently tell us they are surprised at how much other “advanced” dancers don’t know and how blessed they feel coming from our classes. They feel that having access to so much information and great instruction gives them an edge that they see other dancers aren’t getting.

Students coming from other schools and teachers also share their experience with our classes. Saying that, they had no idea they could learn so much so quickly and “my old dance teacher never taught me all this!”

Let’s face it, not all dance instruction is equal, there is good and bad instruction out there.

Imagine what more you could do, how your dance might flourish, how empowered you could be with the equivalent of “college level” Middle Eastern dance classes!

Who Can Take Master Classes

The primary mission of Master Class is to educate all dancers in the finer details of Middle Eastern dance. These classes are not exclusive to advanced dancers. If a dancer wants to learn the content this class offers, they are encouraged to come. We find that not all dancers have the same goal, some dancers are hobbyists and just want to enjoy Middle Eastern dances, rather than to perform professionally or to gain the highest level of technical skill. Instead of shutting those dancers out, we feel that deeper education should be available to all dancers that wish to learn and enjoy – no matter their skill.

With that said, don’t think for a second that these classes are watered down. Not at all! All content in our Master Classes is advanced level and will challenge everyone in our classes. We just share the great content and it’s up to the dancer to study and assimilate it into their own repertoires, as their knowledge grows and their technical ability increases.

How to Join Our Master Classes

Go to our SCHEDULE / REGISTER page and SIGN-UP for your first class. You are welcome to become a monthly member or purchase a single class drop-in. Sorry, our NEW STUDENT SPECIALS don’t apply to these classes. You can start anytime and there is no obligation to continue. Try it! You really can’t lose. We’ll only jack you up with skills and information and you’ll meet a lot of wonderful people. Seriously!

Wanna start slowly? Check out our Beginner Belly Dance Class
Take a look at the topics we work on each month in Master Class



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