Welcome to the website of Ahlam Academy’s newest dance troupe – Jawahir.

What is Jawahir?

The word Jawahir means “jewels” in Arabic. And Jawahir is where Ahlam Academy students have the opportunity to refine their technique and performance skills into exactly that – beautiful, polished, jewels. Jawahir isn’t like other AAMED troupes. It’s not open to everyone, like the Student Troupe, nor is it as big of a commitment as the Dance Company. Students meeting the minimum requirements to join Jawahir may commit to the session of their choice, as they are available.   

Where does Jawahir perform?

Ahlam Academy events, as well as other local events.

How does one become a part of Jawahir?

Participants must:

  • have performed at least 3x with Ahlam Student Troupe and has demonstrated professionalism by showing up “on-time,” prepared for all rehearsals and shows, eagerness to improve, great attitude and attention to details like costuming. hair, and make-up  
  • maintain at least an 8 class/month membership
  • commit (as desired and able) to the attendance of min. of 10 classes/rehearsals per session.
  • commit to paying any reasonably priced costuming fees when due
  • commit to performing in an upcoming recital. Optional opportunities may also be provided

Want to join Jawahir?
Refer to the details and deadlines below:

Winter-Spring Session
Choreography: Arabesque Fan Fusion
Registration Deadline: December 12th, 2018
Classes/Rehearsals: 12 Wednesdays @ 6:30pm from Jan 9th – March 27th
Costume Fee Due: Jan. 30th (Amount TBA)
Show: (TBA)



17310 FM 529 #111
Houston, TX 77095

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