Are your performances appropriate for audiences with children?

Yes, all of my performances are completely family-friendly and appropriate for children. Children tend to enjoy the show as much as the adults. They get very excited about the music, the dancing, as well as the beautiful costumes.

What kind of music will we hear during the performance?

I have a large collection of performance music that I use for my shows, ranging from classical to modern Arabic pop. I may also use; Turkish, Greek, Armenian, or Persian music. However, you will need to provide a sound system that plays burned CDs.

How far in advance should I book?

To put it simply – the earlier the better! The earlier you book, the more likely I am available. Especially during busier times of the year, for instance, during wedding and holiday seasons. However, if advance notice is not an option, please check with me anyway.

What if I want several dancers?

If you are interested in more of an extravaganza, duet, or troupe performances, please email me for rates and availability.

Is tipping appropriate?

Yes. Unless the host has requested otherwise, the dancer will gladly accept tips. Guests may hand me money directly or a more traditional way to tip is to throw money (bills only, please) above my head as a “money shower”.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email me at info@ahlamacademy.com or call/text (281) 394-0476