Fabulous Folkloric Middle Eastern Dance

Raqs Sharqi was born in Egypt, but did you know there are other styles of Egyptian dance, beyond the hustle and bustle of Cairo. Let’s take a journey down the Nile, into the desert, to the Mediterranean, and into Upper Egypt to witness the fun folkloric dances of Egypt.

We will take a look at Ghawazee, Bedouin (Hagallah), Melaya Leff, Fellahin, and Nubian.

Below is a list of YouTube Playlists that I have created for you to explore these dances for yourself.

Click on the link below to visit the playlist:

Bedouin – The Hagallah dance of Western Egypt

Fellahi / Fellahin – Egypt Farmers

Ghawazee – Domari (gypsy) of Qena / Luxor

Melaya Leff – Theatrical representation of the Banat Alexandria

Nubian –  Driving African rhythms and movement in Southern Egypt