Technique & Drills

Basic Arm & Hand Positions for Belly Dancing

Learn the basics of correct arm and hand positions in belly dancing. Arms and hands can add so much expression and emotion to your dancing. When not properly maintained, they can also be the biggest distraction. Watch this video and get Anna’s advice on getting good arm and hand position from the get-go, so your “expressers” always look poised and polished.

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Hip Undulations

In this video, let’s create the hip undulation (also known as the “camel”) by putting together hip tilts and hip slides. This sensual move is the most common type of undulation you see in Oriental dance (aka Egyptian belly dance).

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Chest Twist & Chest Shimmy

This video will demonstrate the horizontal chest twist and we will speed up the same movement into the chest shimmy. The chest twist is a foundational move of many other upper body movements and can also be used as an accent. The chest shimmy is an essential movement of Egyptian dance with deep folkloric roots that continue to flourish in modern styles. With both movements, it is important to maintain proper posture keeping the back straight and shoulders neutral.

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Egyptian Knee Shimmy

The Egyptian Knee Shimmy is another one of those essential moves in belly dancing. It’s also one of the toughest to master, because it takes time to build the muscular endurance for a steady shimmy. Important things to remember while working on your knee shimmy: keep your feet flat on the floor, keep your knees soft (never locking them), and relax the hip area so the movement generated in the knees can travel easily to and be seen in the…

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Belly Dance Undulations

Undulations are some of the most common movements found in belly dancing. Undulations contist of several foundational movements done in succession. It contains the chest/ribcage slide, chest lift, and hip tilt. Please refer to my other videos for details on these movements.

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Belly Dance Hip Tilt / Pelvic Tilt

The Hip Tilt, also called the Pelvic Tilt, tilting the hips forward and backward, are foundational movements of belly dancing. These can be used alone, as accents, or combined with other movements to form the undulation, internal hip circle and much more. Tips: Take care when tilting the hips forward. Be gentle and ease the tailbone up, rather than doing with too much force. Your lower back with love you!

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Learn to do the Belly Dance chest ribcage slide with this turotial for beginners and teachers

Belly Dance Chest Slides / Ribcage Slides

The Chest Slides, also called Ribcage Slides, front, back, right and left are foundational movements of belly dancing. When combined with other movements, they help build more intricate movements like the horizontal chest circle and undulation. Tips: Like with all upper-body work, be sure to keep the lower torso engaged and keep the tailbone slightly tucked. Be sure to keep the chest upright during your chest slides, as opposed to tilting the upper torso, lifting one shoulder higher than the…

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