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How to do Belly Dance Snake Arm PLUS 3 Ways to Initiate It

Learn how to do the basic belly dance snake arm, plus three different ways that you can initiate it. Snake arms are an expressive part of our dance form. They can add a lot of beauty and grace when done properly or they can ruin an otherwise lovely dance if executed poorly. Watch and learn the necessary mechanics to build graceful and strong snake arms. Watch for our video next week where I will talk about 8 things you can…

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How to do a Belly Dance Reverse Undulation

Learn how to do a belly dance reverse undulation. The reverse undulation, unlike the “regular” undulation, travels from the hip up. Rather than from the chest down. This move is based on several foundational movements like the hip tilts, chest lift/drops, and ribcage tilts. If you need more practice on these movements to improve your reverse undulations, make use of our videos on these topics.  

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How to do Belly Dance Hip Slides

How to do Belly Dance Hip Slides

Learn how to do one of the most foundational belly dance movements – the hip slide. Hip slides are the basis for several types of undulations, hip figure eights, and much more. Shimmies may also be layered on top of hip slides to create exciting combination movements.  

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How to Belly Dance Hip Twist and Twist Shimmy

Hip Twists are a fun and exciting belly dancing movement. The hip twist’s speed may be increased into a hip twist shimmy. A single hip twist can be used as a dramatic accent in drum solos or any danceable¬†Arabic music. The hip twist shimmy may be layered over a simple side-to-side hip slide to add spice to any dance.  

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How to do Belly Dance Head Slides

Learn how to do belly dance head slides with this belly dancing tutorial. Headslides are a quintessential movement within many Middle East and North African dance styles. Head slides may be done slow or fast and are sometimes combined with gestures to bring greater expression to your dance. Head slides are a foundational move that prepare you for the head crescent (semi-circle) and head circle. Head slides may also be performed from front to back. Here is the list of…

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How to Breath When You’re Belly Dancing

Maintaining our breath help us dancers be at our best while we practice and perform. When we don’t keep a steady flow of oxygen going, take shallow breaths, or momentarily stop our breath, we are depriving our bodies of the energy it needs to keep us shimmying. Sometimes we may not relax and we may breathe too fast and hyperventilate. Remember to breathe deeply, slowly, and continuously during practice. Hopefully, your good breathing practices will carry over into your performances…

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Basic Arm & Hand Positions for Belly Dancing

Learn the basics of correct arm and hand positions in belly dancing. Arms and hands can add so much expression and emotion to your dancing. When not properly maintained, they can also be the biggest distraction. Watch this video and get Anna’s advice on getting good arm and hand position from the get-go, so your “expressers” always look poised and polished.

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