Where to Find Belly Dance Music Guide

Many different styles of music are available for belly dance performance and practice. Most countries, regions and specific tribes or ethnic groups in the Middle East and North Africa have a particular style of music that is unique to them based on rhythms used, instrumentation, and other factors. The most important thing – is to find music that moves you! Local retail Middle Eastern Stores/Shops: If you have a local Middle Eastern food store or gift shop, frequently these places will…

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Belly Dancers of Egypt’s Golden Era

The term “Golden Era” is often used to refer to a period of Egyptian cinema in the mid-20th century. During that time, many actress/dancers became popular, not only in Egypt and the Middle East, but around the world. Many of these dancers are still recognized as the best of the best and are still a source for inspiration for belly dance enthusiasts today. The list below is certainly not inclusive of all Golden Era dancers, but it is a list…

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Our first percussion instrument in this series is the riqq (pronounced “rick”). Its a type of tambourine common in Arabic music. It traditionally has a wooden frame (although in the modern era it may also be made of metal), jingling metal discs, and a thin, translucent head made of fish or goat skin (or, more recently, a synthetic material).

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The arghul is a woodwind instrument, said to originate from Egypt. We hear it in a lot of the music of the Mid-East region. It’s got two pipes, one shorter, one longer. The smaller pipe is the one that contains the fingering holes. Enjoy!

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