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Why Your Students Shouldn’t Wait to Perform

As a dance teacher, one of the roles we play is “therapist”. Perhaps more important at times than providing our student’s dance instruction, we provide informal counseling when it comes to dealing with the psychological issues that arise when our dancers are faced with performing. Many dancers lack self-confidence and/or self-esteem and ironically that may be the very reason they begin belly dancing in the first place – to help them build confidence. Sometimes they have doubts about their abilities…

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The 7 Characteristics of Great Teachers

What does it take to be a great teacher? DEDICATION The single most important characteristic of any teacher of any discipline is dedication. If you are not so passionate about your art that you cannot persevere through the hard times of growing your classes, slow seasons, dealing with difficult people, nor allocate time to study and practice your art yourself with a “show must go on” attitude, you will not make it as a really successful, well respected teacher. You…

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Are You Ready To Teach Belly Dance?

I will be asking you 10 questions that will help you decide if you are ready to start teaching oriental dance.   It’s important to be able to answer YES to all of these questions, if you answer No on some of them, at least you will know in what areas you may need more education before you are ready to begin creating and teaching your own classes…   1) Have you learned this art from a respected teacher(s) with…

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Resistance is Futile: How to Assimilate Dance Stylization

When we begin our dance journey, we spend a lot of time building a particular dance technique, usually the technique of our teachers or the general style of the genre we like the most.  Once that technique is “hard set” in our bodies, we tend to approach new related dance forms with the same technique without first “clearing our cup” of what we currently know. We don’t always understand when we begin dancing that it’s so much more than muscular…

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101 Belly Dance Ideas to Refresh & Renew Your Love of Oriental Dance

Some of the toughest seasons of our dance journey happen when we have become bored or feel uninspired with our own dancing and lose passion for the art. For some, this is a “sign” that dance may not be for them. They lose hope too easily and sometimes even quit dance altogether. More tenacious dancers understand the natural process of waxing and waning within life and art and may step back for a while, but eagerly await their passion’s return.…

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Taking Great Pix: How to Become More Photogenic

Growing up, I always hated having my picture taken. Especially during my awkward teen years, I avoided the shutter at all costs. Taking a good picture seemed like an impossibility, I thought, as many others do, that I was just not photogenic and that I was doomed to look awful in pictures forever. When I started dancing and performing, taking good pictures became increasingly important. Audiences are always wanting to take your picture and other dancers enjoy taking snapshots with…

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Top Places in Houston Belly Dancers Like to Visit

People that find themselves interested in belly dancing are usually a unique sort. They are often drawn to the art form because it satisfies their desire for the different and exotic. Belly dancers love to create, explore various cultures through movement and music, as well as try new foods and experiences. These characteristics are most apparent in the places we like to go to. Here are the top places in Houston we like to visit! Special thanks to the Houston…

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The Whole Package: Performing Like a Winner

As belly dancing competitions become more and more common around the US and World, many dancers are choosing to compete for titles. There are as many reasons for competing as there are dancers. However, training and preparing for competition, even if you are not planning to compete, is a great way to improve your overall dance ability and presentation. So, how does training for competitions actually help you improve? Well, it challenges you to really look at all of the…

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The How & What of Belly Dance Practice

One of the biggest concerns that I hear from dancers is they don’t know what to do to practice. This article will help give you some ideas on what to practice and how to make the most of your private practice time, through the different stages of dance development. We will start with beginners and work our way to tips for more advanced dancers. This article assumes the decision to practice has already been made, so I won’t address time…

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