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The Most Important Private Lesson You [Probably] Never Take

Here’s how the story usually goes. A dancer comes to me to prepare for an upcoming performance, we have a couple lessons, the dancer does the performance, sends me the video all excited, I see no less than ten things that could improve the performance, but the dancer never asks for a video critique or a follow-up lesson. Let me tell you, this is not the best scenario if you truly want to grow your skill quickly because you might not realize the most important lessons happen after your show.  Don’t get me wrong, preparation is important…

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Belly Dance Gig Booking Toolkit Main Image

Gig Booking Toolkit

Have you ever gotten a call for a show and you felt like you got all the information that you needed only to find out later that there were one or two details you completely forgot to get from the client, and now you have to call them back to get the details you missed? Or maybe you forgot the amount you wish to charge for a performance package that you are rarely inquired about, and you later find out…

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Tech Tools for Belly Dancers

Tool #1 Audacity: Getting Your Music Just Right Somewhere along your dancer’s journey, you will inevitably need to alter your music to suit your needs. Sometimes, you might feel a song is too long and you wish to remove less exciting or repetitive sections. Or you’ve signed up for a dance show and your time limit is shorter than the music you want to use and you need to cut it down. Or you are wanting to perform in a…

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Stage Directions for Belly Dancers

In this video, I’m going to be introducing you to stage directions. Knowing your Stage directions can help you to better understand and describe your position on stage, which way you are facing in relation to your audience, as well as which direction you may be traveling. Using stage directions provides us a method to more accurately describe stage locations so we can write and teach choreography more clearly. It also reminds us, when we are creating choreography, what our…

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Maqsoum Rhythm vs Fellahi Rhythm

Learn how to tell the difference between maqsoum and fellahi Egyptian rhythms. Maqsoum and fellahi rhythms are often played with the same doumbek pattern using very similar sounding strikes. This can confuse dancers and new drummers. Maqsoum is a 4/4 rhythm and Fellahi is a 2/4 rhythm. You can think about Fellahi being a Maqsoum played double-time or twice as fast. One of the keys is looking to the phrasing of the melodic instruments in the music is the melodic…

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The 3 Stages of Choreography Mastery

3 Stages of Choreography Mastery Today I’m going to be sharing with you the three stage of choreography mastery. I wanted to talk about this subject with you all, because I feel like students often just hop from learning choreography to choreography to choreography without really delving in deeper, going into all the stages that I feel it takes to master a choreography. So, the first stage is Recall. This is the stage where you are having to just remember…

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Listen & Learn: Belly Dance Podcasts

You don’t have to be in the studio to learn more about your favorite dance. You can jump online or on your mobile and download great audible content to listen to anytime, anywhere – FOR FREE! Listening to podcasts is a super convenient way to learn new things, like great advice from master teachers, ideas on improving your performance, or hear about another dancer’s research into various styles. Lots of good info you would otherwise have to get from a…

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